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About Elena Workman

Crafting is inevitably in my roots. It is who I am and who I have always been.

When I was a little girl, my parents would take me to my grandmother’s home on the weekends. Alexandra was a well-known seamstress in our little town. She had this majestic black Singer sewing machine sitting in her dining room, covered with a grey, wooden case. I was only five years old at the time, but I remember it like it was today - made of shiny black metal, a smooth hand crank, and golden lettering and designs all around. To me, it was magical, really.

When I saw my grandmother Alexandra work, it looked so smooth and effortless. I was mesmerized by her craftsmanship and love for sewing. I would frequently ask Alexandra to let me sew, too. She would sit me on her lap, set up the machine for me, and tell me to start sewing. She would always guide me to try to sew straight and even, as even as I can. I remember focusing so hard to do so because I was afraid that if I didn't, I wouldn’t be able to play with the Singer the next weekend when I would go back to her house.

Over many weekends with Alexandra, I created lots of triangle hats for my dolls which was a very important project back then. All of these moments, all of these memories - they all led to the birth of my perfectionism and attention to detail. All of which I have my grandmother, Alexandra, to thank for. Thank you for continuing on this family tradition and guiding me to become a fourth generation craftsman. 


Today, my projects have transformed into my own creations. I have discovered the beauty and versatility of leather and have been in love ever since. In the past, most of the artisans from my family worked with dresses and fabrics, but some also did incorporate leather into their work.

The dream that I have for myself and my business is to eventually have a brick and mortar atelier, where clients can sit down with me and discuss the item they are wanting me to create, perfectly. 


This website is a collection of my work, designed and crafted by my two hands. It has been created primarily for the clients who are looking for both beautiful and high quality items for themselves, or for their friends. This store is for the people who are looking for non-traditional items that you cannot buy in your regular neighborhood store.

As a polymath, I specifically enjoy making eclectic items for different purposes and interests. Although the items can range from simple to complex, depending on what each client may want designed, the one thing that all my leather items have in common is the detail-oriented quality of my craftsmanship. From each stitch, the way my grandmother taught me, to where the leather comes from - each step is thoroughly chosen to create your vision and my promise. 


I am here to deliver solid, quality and artisanal work - something that will last as long as you have it. I strongly believe that beautiful leather items do not have to come from Italy or France. I am a proud supporter of all artisans in the United States.